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Remarkable Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Choose From

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We all know that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home. Considering we spend so much time in this space, it always pays off to make it as modern, glamorous, and inviting as possible. While it might seem like a tall order or waste of your hard-earned money, this is not really the case.

Fret not since the secret lies in purchasing the highest quality modern kitchen cabinets. To help make this purchase decision easy, here are amazing modern kitchen cabinet ideas that will spark your own kitchen decorating.

Veneer Wood Cabinetry

Many homeowners are now using slab wood veneer cabinet doors. And there are numerous reasons for this growing popularity. You might think that this trend is propelled by the growing shift towards natural products and bringing nature back into the house. However, there is more it than meets the eye.

Veneer slabs showcase wood grains in a magnificent manner. Actually, the grain patterns seem to tell a tale from the tree it originated, so it is normal that natural lovers would enjoy this aesthetic. Either way, you should always beware of the ranging qualities of slab veneer cabinets.

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Lacquered Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s be honest; lacquered kitchen cabinets is like a new painted car parked in your kitchen i.e., bright, shiny and rich in color. These cabinets are manufactured by a process of applying numerous coats of lacquer, followed by polishing and waxing. When done appropriately, lacquer finishes tend to be durable and scratch-resistant.

The good news is you can always get lacquer cabinets in virtually any color of your choosing. But for you to maintain that glossy sheen, you must be more than ready to clean them properly. Keep in mind some chemicals used in cleaning these cabinets can actually eat away at the finish. It is best that you ask the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

The Bottom Line

There are so many choices and possibilities when it comes to modern kitchen cabinets. This simple guide didn’t even touch upon cabinet pulls. Choosing cabinetry to style a kitchen space that’s uniquely yourself can be stressful for many.

No wonder it is ideal that you take your time to look into all the available choices. To save yourself the stress, you can always hire an interior design expert who can help you weight all the possibilities at your disposal, in almost no time.


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