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Friday, February 23, 2024
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The Most Common Signs of Gluten Intolerance

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Gluten-related disorders (GRDs), such as celiac disease, non-celiac gluten intolerance, and wheat allergy have the potential to affect your skin, digestive system, mood, and joints. Actually, it is surprising to learn that gluten intolerance is becoming common. It is characterized by adverse reactions to gluten, a group of proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye.

For this reason, you should take it upon yourself to go for a gluten sensitivity test if you are to detect this health issue as early as possible. This article takes a closer look at some of the most common symptoms of gluten insensitivity.

Skin Reactions

You should be aware of the sheer fact that gluten intolerance affects your skin. A blistering skin condition commonly referred to as dermatitis herpetiformis is one manifestations of celiac disease you should about. Even though everyone with celiac disease is sensitive to gluten, some individuals only experience skin symptoms without the common digestive symptoms.

Several other skin conditions have also been proven to improve via a gluten-free die. These include Psoriasis, Alopecia areata, and chronic urticaria. It is highly recommended that you understand what these skin conditions entail before deciding on anything.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Even though it may emanate from different factors, unexplained weight loss can be a side effect of undiagnosed celiac disease. With that said, unexpected weight change is more common in children with celiac disease, especially those younger than 3 years.

And this is because they are more likely to make do with severe gastrointestinal symptoms, such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, and failure to thrive. Despite the sheer fact that weight loss can occur in adults, it appears rare.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Individuals experience joint and muscle pain due to varying reasons. It is possible that those making do with celiac disease have a genetically determined oversensitive nervous system, leading to a lower threshold to activate sensory neurons that cause pain in muscles and joints.

It is highly recommended that you go for a gluten sensitivity test if you suspect any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms.


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